Best Balance Board For Snowboarding: Train At Home!

By Rob Toneward •  Updated: 12/28/21 •  12 min read

Whether you are a beginner or an expert snowboarder, Balance Boards can help improve your skills.

Balance boards give you great stability and make it easier to get on the board with ease.

They also provide excellent support when you are trying to stay on the board.

Balanced Boards also help with your core strength and balance, something that snowboarders need to keep in top physical condition.

In this article, we give a brief description of must-have Balance Boards for Snowboard training at home.


How Does A Balance Board Work?

Balance boards are designed to improve your balance and coordination skills by simulating a slippery surface such as ice or snow while standing on something more solid on both feet.

Regularly using one will train your muscles in the legs, feet, ankles, and core for better balance and stability which can then lead to improved posture and coordination.

They also help to improve your core strength and balance while giving you full control over your own body, something very important when snowboarding. :

Features To Look For In A Balance Board:

Best Balance Board For Snowboarding Training

These are the top 7 Balance Boards for Snowboarding that we recommend improving your balance and coordination while also training your body:

Revbalance 101 v2

The Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Sports Trainer for Snowboarding, Surfing or Skateboarding is the perfect all-around balance board out there.

The 101 can also challenge your skill in many different ways.

For example, the board can easily spin in either direction thanks to the poly-wrapped roller and board grip combination.

Stops on both sides of the base also keep you from going too far off of the edge.


If you want to improve your balance and coordination for snowboarding, then the best way to do so is by using a balance board designed for snowboarding.

Balance boards are designed to simulate a slippery surface such as ice or snow, which will help improve your balance and coordination skills.

We recommend the Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Sports Trainer for Snowboarding, Surfing or Skateboarding as it is perfect for beginners, younger riders, and anyone looking to improve their balance and fitness level.

Check out the Revbalance 101 v2 today.

Snowboard Addiction Training Board

The Snowboard Addiction Training Board is great for riders of all abilities and at any age, essentially anybody on the snowboard, skateboard or surfing scene.

The training board will work with your body’s natural balance while improving coordination, stability, core strength as well as snowboarding skills!

They make two different styles of trainers:

  1. Tramp Training Board
  2. Jib Training Board

The Tramp Training Board

The Tramp Trainer is the first board of its kind on the market!

It has an innovative shape and design that works with your body to help you train for snowboarding.

The Tramp Training Board is perfect for use at home or in a professional training environment like a snowboard camp.

Train like a pro when at home without the need for traveling!


High-quality foam base is perfect for use on trampolines and our Balance Bar.

Plus, the Tramp Training Board uses a universal four-hole binding system to mount any bindings in the world.

Bounce camber shape – ideal for trampoline training and a poplar wood core to give you ultimate pop. Soft sidewall technology to protect trampolines and a flex rating of 4/10 – flexy and bouncy feel, but built strong to shred.

The Jib Training Board

This training board is the perfect way to train all your jib tricks!

Use it on hard floors or carpets without fear of damage with its high-quality construction. And it has a Jib Base for extra grip and board control.

The Jib Training Board is designed to feel like a real snowboard, but easily spins left or right depending on where you put your feet.


Such a great way to practice at home!

See more Snowboard Addiction Training Board info here.

Vew-Do Flow Snowboard Balance Trainer

The Vew-Do Flow Snowboard Balance Board is another great way to work on your balance and improve your skills for snowboarding.

A well-designed piece of equipment, the flow board has a lightweight yet sturdy construction and the ability to spin left or right 360 degrees by flipping it over.

This means that your body must be constantly shifting from one side to the other as you ride across the board.

This forces you into a state of equilibrium which will dramatically improve all types of riding styles including freestyle tricks, racing, and carving.

Combined with improvements in leg strength and power through a series of exercises using this balance trainer – such as squats, lunges, and hops – you will be a stronger, better boarder in no time.


Check out more Vew-Do Balance Boards here.

Whirly Board Spinning Board

The Whirly Board Spinning Board is designed with board sports in mind.

If you’re a skater, snowboarder, surfer, wakeboarder (especially freestyle), then this is the board for you.

It is a great way to keep your balance training interesting while still being challenging.

Ideal for training spinning in a secure and healthy environment while increasing your body’s balance and spatial awareness.

The difficulty range of this board is intermediate to advanced.


With its unique design, it helps develop board control through its center spinning platform.

It also helps you learn the mechanics of spinning with both feet on the board by encouraging left and right foot movement.

Learn more about all the Whirly Board products here.

INDO BOARD Mini Kicktail

The INDO BOARD Mini Kicktail is Ideal for people in the skateboard industry who want a portable training tool.

It measures 32″ X 8.75″, making it shorter and wider than a traditional longboard, ideal for practicing ollies, kickflips, shove its, rail slides, grabs, and more!

This versatile board is excellent for developing balance on your quest to become a better skater or snowboarder.

Its kicktail fits perfectly into your quiver of boards as it is ideally suited for the skate park, the street and/or a good freestyle session.

The Mini Kicktail is also easy to carry, so it can take you from the skate park to the mountains with ease!


See more INDO BOARD Mini Kicktail info here.

Does balance board help snowboarding?


A balance board will make you a better snowboarder.

More control and power when turning, increased awareness around you (e.g. people), and improved ability to learn new tricks are all benefits of using a balance board for snowboarding.

You can also use the balance board as part of your exercise regimen leading up to the snowboarding season by additionally doing squats and lunges and even practicing in-run jumps in order to improve your overall performance on the slopes!

Balance boards exist for skaters, surfers, wakeboarders, etc., so why not snowboarders?

Do you need good balance for snowboarding?


Balance is crucial for snowboarding as it gives you the ability to stay upright and on top of your board.

If you don’t have a good balance, you won’t be able to ride some of the more advanced features such as rails, half pipes, and jumps.

So make sure that your balance training includes a variety of skills and exercises – like those listed at the beginning of this article!  

How can I improve my snowboard balance?

Using a balance board will help you develop better body awareness and increase your balancing ability (static or dynamic).  

It allows you to practice new movements without having to worry about falling over.  

You can also do exercises on the board which will increase your lower body strength, making you a better rider.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to learn, you’ll feel better on the slopes if you train your balance – easily and effectively using a Whirly Board spinning board!                    

If you can’t wait until next winter to try these great boards, buy one online today and see for yourself – it’s worth it!

More about Balance Boards:

Balance boards were originally used by surfers as a fun way to keep their muscles toned during the off-season.

Snowboarders picked up on them due to similar needs, but now they are also popular with wakeboarders and skaters as well as those who cycle and play hockey!

Most of all, they are used by people who want to strengthen their bodies, especially the muscles in their legs and core while having fun!

How does it work? 

A balance board works like an exercise ball.

However, instead of sitting on it like a chair or wobbling around on top of it you stand with your feet apart balancing yourself on one foot at a time.

The result is that you engage more muscle groups (legs) than when standing still and this results in improvement of balance AND strength simultaneously!  

How do I use a balance board for snowboarding?

If you have been using your board as part of your workout regimen before hitting the slopes: Great!  Your legs and balance should be well-prepared for the snowboarding season.

If you are new to board training:  That’s okay too!     

All you have to do is stand on it – with both feet if possible, or move your feet apart until you feel comfortable.

Once you are ready, try doing some squats or lunges to start with, then progress into in-run jumps later on.

How to Choose the Right Balance Board for Snowboarding?

The first thing you have to decide is what kind of intent you have in mind for your board.

Do you just want a tool that will help your balance and coordination, or do you want something more versatile?

Things to consider:

Balance boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They can be round or square, big or small, with an edge or not.  

Another thing to consider is the diameter of the roller: smaller rollers are better for balance training and exercises and large ones excel at building up a lot of speed, which might not be what you want when practicing your balance.

Last but not least: if you are a beginner, make sure the board is wide enough for both feet to stand on comfortably at first and that it is stable enough for you to use safely.

Final Thoughts

Balance boards can be a fun way to keep your muscles toned and improve coordination during the off-season.

If you want something more versatile, make sure that it has an edge so that you can do tricks on it as well!

You’ll need to decide what kind of board is best suited for your intent before making a purchase.

Consider all these factors when choosing which balance board will work for you.  

Rob Toneward