Are Indo boards good? (Expert Answer)

By Rob Toneward •  Updated: 01/16/22 •  6 min read

The Indo Board was designed as an alternative to surfing but it has become a tool for balance training for a variety of sports.

It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use which makes it perfect even if you live in small spaces.

The board comes with two sets of wheels that are able to be changed depending on the surface type or terrain which makes this product versatile enough for all types of athletes!

This board is even capable of performing tricks and stunts.


Are Indo Boards Good?

The Indo Board is excellent for balance training and exercises.

It is capable of improving your balance, stability, core strength, neuromuscular response, agility, and coordination.

This board can be used practically anywhere from your backyard to the gym because it’s portable and easy to use!

The Board

The board is made from high-quality birchwood. It has nice graphics, but it does have a warning notice on the top side of the deck.

The finishing on this particular Indo Board model seems to be very well done, and it is actually a non-slip surface.

Deck Size

30″ x 18″ inches

Comes in 11 different colors.

The board is fairly light, considering its size. Most people can easily carry it around and move it from place to place if needed.


High-Quality Birch Wood Construction

Boat-Tail Shape

Non-Slip Surface

Textured Finish

The Roller

The roller is super high-quality. It’s actually molded out of one piece, so there are no seams to worry about wearing out.

Weight & Size:

6″ x 6.5″ inches

Weighs 2 pounds

The Board offers a multitude of great features, and it is perfect for beginners who have just started practicing their skateboarding or surfing skills.

It is also good for practicing your balance and having fun, even if you are an experienced surfer or skateboarder.

This board has a very cool design – it is like walking on water!

You can either use it as a traditional skateboard to ride around town, but you can also put it down horizontally and start balancing your way up and down the Indo Board.

This is great for improving balance, coordination, and leg strength. I suggest you watch the video below so you can see exactly how versatile this skateboard really is!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Balance Board?

Using balance boards has been shown to improve balance and coordination.

It’s also a great workout for your core – especially if you’re trying to do those difficult “inverts” on your skateboard!

Balance and stability are key factors in preventing injuries, and the Indo Board can help build this foundation because it trains you to use your body to its full capacity.

It has been shown to speed up the neuromuscular response, which will help you become a better skateboarder or surfer.

Balance training is also a great way to prepare yourself for surfing and skating because it builds strength in your legs and core muscles.

Who Is The Indo Board Suited For?

The Indo Board is suited for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced riders.

This balance board is perfect for skateboarders and surfers because it improves your stability and core strength so you can become a better athlete!

It’s also great for anyone with back pain or simply looking to get in shape.

The Indo Board helps you strengthen your legs and core, which will help improve your balance.

The Pros And Cons Of The Indo Board



What muscles does Indo Board work?

The major muscles that are worked out with the help of Indo Board are:

Calves, Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings.

But also is great for your knees, feet, and ankles.

In addition, this training also increases strength in your abs and back.

How does Indo Board work?

The Indo Board activates muscles and forces your body to balance and stabilize.

This trains the brain to respond faster when you are riding a real skateboard or surfing, which will help you perform better in athletic competitions such as surfing contests and skateboarding championships.

When you’re standing on the board, your body is forced to pull all the muscle groups together in order to keep you stable.

You are basically working on your stabilizer muscles when using Indo Board.

This is why it’s an essential training tool for any skateboarder or surfer.

How To Use The Indo Board For Training Your Core And Balance?

The best way to use it would be to stand sideways on the board while trying to balance.

This will force you to work your core muscles by keeping yourself stable.

At first, it may be difficult, but with practice, you should become more efficient at balancing like a surfer or skateboarder!

It is also recommended that you try doing push-ups on the board while balancing yourself.

This is a great workout for your core muscles, and it also helps improve push-ups with the added stabilization of the board.

Tricks You Can Do With The Indo Board

If you have never used one before, start off by trying to stand up on the board.

Once you’ve mastered this, try doing squats while standing on the board.

After you become comfortable with these two tricks, you could always try riding it like a skateboard or surfing!

One of my favorite Indo Board exercises is to stand sideways on the board and then do pushups.

This has helped me work my core stabilizer muscles, and it has really helped my surfing because I am able to stand up on the board much easier after doing these exercises.

The Verdict: Should You Get The Indo Board?

We give the Indo Board a solid 9/10, and we recommend it for experienced skaters and surfers who want to take their skills to the next level.

It’s an especially great tool for anyone with back pain because it helps strengthen your legs and core, which will help improve your balance.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn new tricks or an experienced surfer or skater, this board is perfect for everyone!

Thank you for reading our review of the Indo Board.

Rob Toneward